The Service Experience

Conference 2014
San Francisco, CA

The Service Experience Conference focuses on the design of end-to-end service experiences across touchpoints, from definition to modeling to service delivery. It is for people who are passionate about creating great service experiences while also delivering value to the organizations that deliver them. 


Mary jo bitner sx 2014
Dr. Mary Jo Bitner

Professor and Executive Director, Center for Services Leadership
W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

Alex nisbett ux 2014
Alex Nisbett

Service Designer

Susan dybbs sx 2014
Susan Dybbs

Director of Design
Collective Health

Ryan rosensweig sx 2014
Ryan R. Rosensweig

Design & Discovery

Rishi bloomber sx 2014
Rishi Mandal

Co-Founder and CEO

Jennifer guibord sx 2014
Jennifer Guibord

Studio Director
Second Story


Ux week pt.1087

Innovation and The Art of Problem Framing

This workshop will expose you to two indispensable problem framing methods that you can use with your clients and collaborators to 1. ensure you are solving the right problem and 2. reduce the risk of drifting into status-quo solutions.


NOTE: only audio is available for the 2013 Service Experience Conference talks.

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Service Experience 2013 | David Gray | Keynote: When Service Design Meets the Divided Company

What happens when a service design project meets a hierarchical, divided company? You can design an amazing service, and yet at the end of the day, the organizations still has to deliver. A service design project that ignores organizational readiness is doomed to fail. How to move service projects forward in the face of such constraints? Service design usually means a change initiative.