Foresight strategist, pattern finder, empathetic researcher and business designer – Alida seeks to find and understand the fringe ideas that are poised for large disruption. Based out of the Adaptive Path office in San Francisco and Capital One’s first Futurist, Alida has a background in design and innovation firms, as well as an MBA in Strategic Foresight and Design Strategy from California College of the Arts. Her passion for bringing the future to bear in the present has driven both personal and professional projects. Her recent futures work spans a variety of subjects including The Future of American Public Housing 2025, Future of Money 2020, Implications of 4D Printing and Programmable Matter, Implications of Autonomous Vehicles on the Gig Economy, Blockchain applications, Banking 2022, and Threatcasting for the Army Cyber Institute. Her first co-authored book, What the Foresight, launched on Amazon in September 2016.

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