Day 2 – Oct 24, 2017
Morning 8:30 - 12:00 PM

  • Exploring Relationships as a Service

    How does the design of services impact our relationships? How might relationships precipitate the success of a service? Are relationships themselves, in fact, a service? Designing services is about designing relationships! Join us for a workshop that explores this intersection. view more…

    Elina Lawrie, Bridgeable Service Designer
    Linn Vizard, Bridgeable Senior Associate, Service Design
  • Oh My Heck: A Service Resiliency Game to Bulletproof Your Prototypes

    Service design staples like journeys, blueprints, and principles are brilliant for creating a shared vision and a common direction. view more…

    Jess McMullin, Situ Strategy Principal
  • Radical Futures

    We often hear people postulate about how the future will be {fill in the blank}. view more…

    Alida Draudt, Capital One Futurist
    Julia Rose West, Ancestry Applied Futurists and Designer
  • Reconnect with your purpose

    Have you ever asked yourself what or to whom you are in service to? Human-centered Design teaches us to unlock value by understanding the underlying needs and goals driving certain user behavior, to find unmet opportunities, and design better solutions. view more…

    Alexander Baumgardt, California College of the Arts / Futuredraft Professor / Partner
  • Shaping Behavior By Design

    Technology has allowed services to have a more pervasive role in people's lives, influencing their everyday behaviors. view more…

    Chris Risdon, Capital One Head of Behavioral Design
  • “Projecting Power” Masterclass

    You’re a service design pro. view more…

    Teresa Brazen, Cooper Senior Director, Professional Education
    Holly Thorsen, Cooper Associate Director of Professional Education