It's one thing to learn service design tools and try them here and there on your projects. It's another to make the tools and the mindset business as usual within your organization. Connecting the dots is no small feat. But that's what we're trying to do at Capital One. Within our financial services division, we've made journey maps, vision stories, and service blueprints part of our management system. Leaders from multiple lines of business are embracing and learning these tools to help understand the customer experience, make vision tangible and accessible, and articulate what it will take to get there.

What are the challenges of implementing service design at scale? How do you democratizing both the mindset and the practice? How many journey maps do you need? What's the appropriate level of zoom? When is a blueprint not the right tool? How can we balance autonomy at speed, with service experience at scale? What's the role of the design team in this transformation? If service design tools, methods, and mindset are to become truly business as usual, these are the questions we must face.