Successful designs live in the real world of business, organizational politics, and executives who approve your budget. Designers don’t just need more methods to create solutions or work with users. We need better methods to work with business. That starts with understanding the language of business—we need to learn to speak CEO.

This talk will share a simple business fluency framework to explain the value of design using the language of business. From the myths and realities of ROI to the importance of stance and status, you’ll learn key tools for getting business leaders to listen and understand. Learning to speak CEO isn't just about vocabulary or business concepts—you'll also learn to use business fluency to understand the culture where decisions get made, and design gets done.

This talk will share
• How designers are particularly suited for c-suite conversations (if we can avoid some common traps).
• The formula for empathic advocacy
• 3 simple frameworks for thinking, speaking, and prioritizing like an executive.
• Key patterns for connecting design and business value.

By growing our business fluency, we will expand our influence with executives, shape direction and strategy for our product and our organizations, and help design to have a greater impact in the world.