Have you ever asked yourself what or to whom you are in service to? Human-centered Design teaches us to unlock value by understanding the underlying needs and goals driving certain user behavior, to find unmet opportunities, and design better solutions. However, we rarely inquire into what drives us, the Designers, and the organizations we work for or within – why is that?

What relevance does an inquiry into the purpose of Service Design hold for you as a practitioner? Today the world faces a moment of great uncertainty. Designers are called upon to develop the ability to openly examine the deeper contexts that govern the current human experience, including themselves. Understanding which value systems and goals you, your team, organization, company, industry etc are serving is crucial to understanding your impact as a Designer on the world. 

This talk accompanies Alexander’s The Service Experience Conference workshop ‘Reconnect with your purpose’. In the spirit of theory & practice being most powerful when they are combing attending both the workshop and talk is recommended, but not mandatory.