Digital transformations aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. For one thing, they’re wicked difficult at every level: technology, business, and user needs. Second, a digital transformation is almost always the wrong transformation. It’s usually the service that needs transforming.

While working with the 100+ team at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration as part of a U.S. Digital Service pod there, Dana Chisnell met an organization that wanted to make good products, but didn’t know that technology and process were only part of the equation. Dana found that by using design methods, she could guide the organization as they overhauled the enterprise system for immigration officers, thereby changing the service of immigration for all its stakeholders.

Dana will share with us her strategies for designing services in an environment where real politics mean that not only the personnel but also the guiding principles are always in flux. In government, a project roadmap is never complete. Come learn about how Dana blazed a trail in the wild west of government technology.