Service Experience Conference – meet new people from the service industry

For service professionals, conferences are vital to build and maintain a successful career in an ever-changing industry. The Service Experience Conference is a terrific way to make such valuable industry connections and learn the latest technologies, best practices, and strategies to ensure success in an industry known for its dynamism.

The Service Experience Conference is designed specifically for service sector professionals, featuring top thought leaders from the field who drive innovation in customer service and experience management. Last year’s event included discussions on digital trends, how to build long-term relationships with customers, creating personalized experiences, and leveraging customer data.

The Service Experience Conference also has a special focus on enabling attendees to connect with key people in the industry. Along with lively discussions on the latest technologies and techniques for managing customer service operations, workshops focus on business networking with peers and advisers from renowned organizations. This gathering of professionals provides the perfect platform for exchanging ideas with peers from within your sector without worrying about one’s rank or position.

Moreover, there are activities throughout the conference like scavenger hunts, team challenges, live discusions and more allowing participants to develop relationships with each other that may last well beyond the conference’s duration. These fun activities also offer attendees an opportunity to network in a relaxed environment as compared to a formal networking event where people compete for attention.

The Service Experience Conference offers a variety of ways to create meaningful connections with some of the top performers in your field – whether you’re learning the latest industry trends or making fast friends over a game of Scrabble. So if you’re passionate about pursuing a career in customer service and experience management, this is surely one opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

Have you ever thought about networking with people from the service industry, even at a virtual event? The Service Experience Conference may be for you!

The second annual Service Experience Conference is a one-day virtual event hosted by Novant Health. During this event, industry professionals and learners will get the chance to collaborate and network with those within the service experience industry. Whether you are looking for new contacts or just trying to build relationships within existing ones, this conference provides that opportunity.

Throughout the day, attendees will have access to panelists, speakers, and sessions focusing on customer service principles, customer journey mapping and social media trends in customer service. In between panel discussions and breakout sessions, attendees can mingle and chat with fellow attendees over refreshments. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in virtual exhibitor booths.

The conference’s goal is to give participants the opportunity to explore new ideas, strengthen their customer service skills, learn best practices and potentially come away with valuable contacts that they can use in the future. Presenters during this conference include representatives from customer service-related organizations such as Korn-Ferry Leadership & Talent Consulting, Emerson College’s Center for Service & Organization Effectiveness, and many more.

Overall, this experience is sure to provide an impactful opportunity for both new professionals looking to break into customer service as well as experienced professionals wanting to become more successful within the service industry. Grab your ticket now and join us as we learn from these leading voices in customer service today!