Julia Rose West holds an MBA in Strategic Foresight and is a Futurist and UX Design Manager at Ancestry. Most recently Julia presented on the Future of Family History at RootsTech. She is a Futurist for the Threatcasting Lab at Arizona State University. She is passionate about transforming communities and empowering others and has volunteered as a community prototyper for OpenIDEO and was an executive business coach for Defy Ventures. She is currently completing a textbook for middle school students, Futures Thinking Playbook, with Futurists Peter Bishop and Katie King. Other foresight work has spanned subjects such as – The Uberization of American Public Housing 2025, which received a recognition award by the Association of Professional Futurists, Implications of Do-it-Yourself CRISPR, and the Future of Search. She is co-author of What the Foresight, a personal futures workbook.

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