Cheryn flanagan sx16

Cheryn Flanagan is a designer of many stripes. Having worked as a package designer, environmental designer, visual interface designer, and interaction designer, she has a range of experiences that makes her present focus on service design uniquely well-rounded.

Cheryn currently leads the Customer Experience offering at Sequence, a strategic design consultancy with offices in San Francisco and New York. She and her team work with clients in the healthcare, transportation, and retail industries to imagine, design, and implement end-to-end service and product experiences that build relationships. While many of Cheryn’s clients must remain confidential, Sequence clients include iconic, talked-about brands such as Chipotle, Apple, and Disney.

When asked about her “super power”, Cheryn would say she’s great at finding order and connections in abstract, fuzzy problems—at work. In her off time she enjoys travel, the outdoors, and a good story.

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