Yisel ramos sx16

Yisel (pronounced “Giselle”) established the in-house service design and customer experience practice at Booz Allen Hamilton. The goal is to redesign the service experience of the firm’s over 23,000 employees engaging with all internal services, and fostering a customer-driven culture.

She has always been fascinated with understanding what makes people tick, and how they behave and make decisions. That curiosity led her to business school and a career in consulting, serving as a customer and service experience advocate in a variety of ways. Her background in marketing and communications, service design, management strategy, change management, and technology, uniquely positions her to successfully leverage the power of storytelling, working cross-functional teams to improve experiences, and create value for customers, service providers and the business. 

Prior to building this practice, Yisel was a member of Booz Allen’s Strategic Innovation Group (SIG)’s Design Thinking and Building a Culture of Innovation teams, helping external and internal clients improve customer and service experiences.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, exercising, and hockey. She is a loyal Washington Capitals fan (regardless of how much it hurts).

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