Day 2 – Oct 24, 2017
Morning 8:30 - 12:00 PM

  • Design for Service Resiliency: Dealing with the Oh Shit Moment

    Service design staples like journeys, blueprints, and principles are brilliant for creating a shared vision and a common direction. view more…

    Location: Ballroom East
    Jess McMullin, Situ Strategy Principal
  • Exploring Relationships as a Service

    How does the design of services impact our relationships? How might relationships precipitate the success of a service? Are relationships themselves, in fact, a service? Designing services is about designing relationships! Join us for a workshop that explores this intersection. view more…

    Location: Orpheum
    Elina Lawrie, Fjord & Service Design Toronto Service Design Associate Manager
    Linn Vizard, Bridgeable & Service Design Toronto Senior Associate, Service Design
  • Radical Futures

    We often hear people postulate about how the future will be {fill in the blank}. view more…

    Location: Conference Theater
    Alida Draudt, Capital One Futurist
    Julia Rose West, Ancestry Applied Futurists and Designer
  • Reconnect with your purpose

    Have you ever asked yourself what or to whom you are in service to? Human-centered Design teaches us to unlock value by understanding the underlying needs and goals driving certain user behavior, to find unmet opportunities, and design better solutions. view more…

    Location: Curran
    Alexander Baumgardt, California College of the Arts / Futuredraft Professor / Partner
  • Shaping Behavior By Design

    Technology has allowed services to have a more pervasive role in people's lives, influencing their everyday behaviors. view more…

    Location: Ballroom West
    Chris Risdon, Capital One Head of Behavioral Design
  • “Projecting Power” Masterclass

    You’re a service design pro. view more…

    Location: Warfield
    Teresa Brazen, Cooper Senior Director, Professional Education
    Holly Thorsen, Cooper Associate Director of Professional Education