We often hear people postulate about how the future will be {fill in the blank}. The truth is, the future cannot be predicted. Even more importantly, there is not just one future but a variety of possible futures.

In a world where the financial industry is poised for dramatic change, we’ll workshop possible futures and their implications. In business, there is a point when you need to decide which future you are going to pursue— – and that future needs to live beyond your next quarterly goal. If you want to own your preferred future in 5 or 10 years from now, you need to radically embody that future starting today.

Through this hands-on collaborative workshop, we’ll combine financial market segments, drivers, trends, and signals to create never-before considered opportunities. You will learn how to better analyze and study the future using classic strategic foresight methods and tools that have been redesigned into exercise sprints.

This workshop will disrupt your view of the future, challenge your assumptions, offer you insight into other future financial and business possibilities, and prompt you to radically own your preferred future.

What topics will be covered?

We'll discuss what foresight is and an overview of the discipline. We'll dive into several foresight methodologies including: values articulation, drivers and trends, alternative futures scenario planning, and the futures wheel. We'll also discuss the fact that in order to achieve these futures, you need to begin radically embodying them in the present.

What exercises will be done?

Articulate business values

Alternative Futures Method - create several extremely different futures for finance

Futures Wheel - plot implications of an extremely different future for finance

Embodying Radical Futures - how to take action on a preferred future in the present

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

The audience will gain an introductory knowledge of the foresight mindset, several methodologies, and the ability to tie that back to their businesses. Attendees will be able to blend these simple tools into their daily work practice to shift their perspective on how to design, plan, or disrupt the future.

Any requirements for attending?

Be open to collaborating and doing group work! This will be a hands-on workshop, so be ready to dive in! No expertise on foresight, futures, or design necessary.