Technology has allowed services to have a more pervasive role in people's lives, influencing their everyday behaviors. And we are swimming in a sea of academic insights on how people make decisions and what levers influence their behavior. But what does it mean to apply these insights practically in the design of our products and services? How do we leverage new behavior change methods into our existing design workflow? Whether prompting a single action, or designing a whole behavior change system, what are the methods and techniques that help us design for behavior change?

This half-day, hands-on workshop will introduce key principles and methods to apply behavior change in the design of products and services. We'll cover how to design to support positive behavior change, through applying new behavior change methods, or remix existing methods, into your design process. Any behavior you ask your customers or users to do must be in their interest. We'll re-frame design challenges through a behavior-based lens, and define a Behavior Value Proposition that will drive the design of your service.

In this workshop we'll cover:
[+] The whys and hows that drive behavior in the use of products and services
[+] The importance of engaging with users at the behavioral level
[+] Defining a Behavior Value Proposition
[+] How to identify measurable behavior-based outcomes, and key behaviors
[+] Matching the factors that define behavior and decision making with the design techniques that influence behavior
[+] Designing experiments, touchpoints, and whole services that promote behavior change

What exercises will be done?

[+] Behavior Problem Statement
[+] Measurable Behavior Outcomes
[+] Identifying Key Behaviors
[+] Identifying Behavior Levers
[+] Ideating behavior design solutions

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

How to practically apply behavioral insights into your design process

Any requirements for attending?